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Are my contracts and/or agreements in line with the best interests of my company? Do they reflect what I have negotiated with the other party? Do my contracts protect me from legal risks?

Our Commercial Law team offers the solutions required by today’s extremely globalized and evolving market, applying in-depth knowledge of national and international jurisdictions to avoid any problems that may arise.

At OBM Legal Consulting, we believe that the agreements reached between your company and the other party should be reflected in a tailor-made contract, the terms of which stipulate the rights and obligations of each party.  The importance of having well-drafted contracts increases considerably when negotiations involve a major milestone for your company, such as projects in a market other than your own. In this type of operation, many aspects must be taken into account to guarantee the legal security of your business and of you as its administrator. For this reason, and to avoid running very high risks and economic losses, including more significant issues such as potential personal legal implications, it is necessary to receive good legal advice on the contracts you sign on behalf of your company.

We advise companies and public institutions from various sectors such as service providers, product manufacturers, water and energy in their national and international projects and operations.

OBM Legal Consulting has extensive experience in contract law and commercial transactions. We work to draft, analyse and ensure that your contracts and agreements have all the necessary provisions to protect your company and your business deals.

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