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International operations involve any commercial or legal transaction that crosses a country’s borders. These transactions can include anything from the buying and selling of goods and services to foreign investments, mergers and acquisitions, and the establishment of new subsidiaries in foreign markets. In the context of these operations, consulting in cross-border operations becomes essential to ensure that all activities are carried out in accordance with the laws and regulations of the countries involved.

Additionally, international operations also encompass compliance with international trade regulations, adaptation to different international legal systems, and the management of cultural and linguistic aspects that can affect transactions. Expanding into foreign markets requires a deep understanding of local regulations and a well-planned strategy to avoid legal and operational risks.

International operations
Why Do You Need a Specialist Lawyer in International Operations?

The inherent complexity of international operations requires expert advice that goes beyond local legal knowledge. A specialist lawyer brings a deep understanding of international legal systems and the regulations governing cross-border transactions. Additionally, these professionals are trained to handle conflicts of laws, adapt to different business cultures, and navigate through various political and bureaucratic structures. Their expertise enables companies to operate more securely and effectively on a global scale.

Expand Abroad with Security and Confidence

  • Expansion into new markets: When a company decides to establish itself in another country, it needs guidance on international legal frameworks and appropriate entry criteria. This includes creating legal entities, complying with local regulations, and optimizing the corporate structure.
  • Cross-Border commercial transactions: Companies involved in the international trade of goods and services must ensure their contracts comply with international trade regulations. A specialist lawyer can advise on contractual terms, customs duties, and import/export regulations.
  • Resolution of international disputes: Cultural and legal differences can lead to conflicts between commercial partners from different countries. An expert lawyer  has the experience to mediate and effectively resolve these disputes.
  • Regulatory compliance: Companies must comply with various regulations in international markets, from labor laws to environmental standards. A lawyer specialized in cross-border operations can ensure proper compliance to avoid penalties and litigation.
  • International mergers and acquisitions: In merger and acquisition transactions involving companies from different countries, it is crucial to have advice on legal requirements, international due diligence, and entity integratio
Our specialization includes advice on:

Minimize Risks in Your Expansion

Based on common problems and questions a potential client might have, here are the advantages of hiring OBM Legal Consulting:

  • Deep knowledge and international experience: At OBM Legal Consulting, we don’t just advise on international projects and cases; we are international at our core. Our global team has firsthand knowledge of the challenges of cross-border operations and knows how to solve them effectively.
  • Understanding of cultural and legal contrasts: OBM lawyers are trained to understand and manage the cultural and legal differences that can affect your business. This ensures that contrasts do not become obstacles to your operations.
  • Academic training in multiple jurisdictions: Our entire team, including collaborating lawyers from other countries, has academic training in more than one jurisdiction. This allows us to offer comprehensive advice from both the perspective of the local legal system and the international legal systems we work with daily.
  • Customized strategies for international expansion: We offer specialized advice on the process of growing into other markets, including entry criteria and effective establishment in new countries or regions. We develop personalized legal strategies tailored to each client’s specific needs.
  • Risk minimization and regulatory compliance: At every stage of your expansion process, we are involved with your project and your interests. We focus on developing a legal strategy that minimizes risks and maximizes the use of regulations in the markets where we operate. We ensure compliance with international trade regulations, avoiding sanctions and legal problems.
  • Comprehensive support in international transactions: Our team provides complete guidance in cross-border transactions, ensuring that every legal aspect is covered. From drafting and reviewing contracts to resolving disputes, we are prepared to handle any challenge that arises.
  • Innovation and adaptability: At OBM Legal Consulting, we understand that the world of international business is constantly changing. We stay updated with the latest trends and changes in global regulations to offer innovative service and adaptability to new market realities.k

Specialization in International Expansion Consulting

Our specialization at OBM Legal Consulting encompasses a wide range of services designed to support companies in their expansion and operations in international markets. Below are the key points of our specialized advisory services:

Choosing the right foreign market for your company

We offer market analysis and risk assessment to identify the best foreign markets, providing personalized recommendations to ensure your success and minimize risks.

Expansion or operation strategies in a new market

We advise on market entry models and develop detailed strategic plans, ensuring regulatory compliance and resource optimization for effective expansion.

Transactions with commercial agents, distributors, and representatives

We provide advice on negotiating and drafting contracts, selecting partners, and managing relationships to establish an effective and sustainable presence in new markets.

Establishment of subsidiaries and branches

We advise on the establishment of subsidiaries and branches, ensuring compliance with local regulations, optimization of corporate structures, and management of necessary registrations and licenses.

Legislation and customs procedures

We offer advice on compliance with customs regulations, process optimization to reduce costs and delivery times, and resolution of customs disputes.

Transportation and logistics contracts

We draft and review transportation and logistics contracts, manage associated risks, and ensure regulatory compliance to protect your interests and operations.

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