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OBM Legal Consulting not only advises on international projects and cases, but is international in itself. The global nature of the team means that we have first-hand knowledge of the challenges involved in cross-border operations and know how to solve them.

In international transactions, our clients are not only confronted with different legal systems, but also with conflicting laws or clashing elements, such as cultural aspects, ways of doing business and different political and bureaucratic structures. OBM Legal Consulting is formed by lawyers who understand all these contrasts and make sure they do not become a hindrance for your business.

The firm’s entire team -including the lawyers who collaborate with OBM Legal Consulting from other countries- has academic training in more than one jurisdiction, which enables us to offer you comprehensive international advice, both from the perspective of the local legal system and external legal systems with which we work every day.

We also offer advice on the process of growth into other markets, including the criteria for entry and effective establishment in new countries or regions. We develop legal strategies to meet the specific needs of each client, providing optimal use of the legal system of the destination country.


At OBM Legal Consulting we get involved with your project and your interests based on your needs. We work alongside you in each stage of your expansion process, whether it is to establish yourself in another market or for specific commercial actions. We dedicate ourselves to developing a legal strategy focused on minimizing risks and making the most of the regulations of the markets where we operate.

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