OBM Legal Consulting is a law firm specializing in the areas of international trade, corporate law and commercial law.

OBM not only advises on international operations, but is international itself. Therefore, we know what challenges you face in cross-border transactions and we know how to solve them. From its director to the lawyers who work with the firm in each country, all are academically trained in more than one jurisdiction. This allows us to offer you international advice with the knowledge base of local law.
When conducting international transactions, you are not only confronted with different legal systems, but also with several contrasting or even conflicting elements, such as cultural aspects, ways of doing business and different political and bureaucratic structures. Therefore, you and your company need lawyers who understand all these contrasts so that they do not become a barrier to your business.



OBM LEGAL CONSULTING provides legal advice to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

We advise on the process of expansion to other markets. This includes criteria for effective entry and establishment in new countries or regions. We develop legal strategies to meet the specific needs of each client and to provide them with the best possible opportunity for success.
We understand that your company reflects the personal aspirations that every entrepreneur has. Therefore, when it comes to advising you, we get involved with your company and your interests. That is why we will give you legal advice that only a real partner can give you.