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Meet the firm’s members

Managing Partner

Opal Morales Asencio

Managing Partner of OBM Legal Consulting. Opal’s experience is focused on the legal advice and representation of companies and public entities in the field of International Commercial Law and Foreign Trade. She provides legal advice and support in processes of public-private partnership, internationalization and international contract law in scenarios involving international treaties and European or governmental projects.

Legal advisor

Jan van Gulick

As a legal advisor, Jan supports and advises various public authorities in the fields of water and the environment. He deals mainly with issues related to environmental law, licensing, enforcement, public administration liability, land use planning and regulatory compliance.

Institut. Relations

Yannai de Keizer

Yannai has international experience through working at the Embassy of the Dominican Republic to the Netherlands in the Hague. During his period at the embassy, he was mainly focused on the international organisations and courts residing in The Hague, such as the ICC, ICJ and OPCW. With a background in International Relations and Organisations (BSc) at the Leiden University and doing a Master’s in Leadership & Management at the UvA, he is specifically interested in international cooperation and legislation.


Anastasia-Svenia Körner

Anastasia-Svenia is a Master’s student of Environmental and Climate Change Law at the University of Eastern Finland and holds a BSc degree in Environmental Policy and Economics from Wageningen University and Research in the Netherlands. She has previously been a trainee at the Center for Climate Change, Energy and Environmental Law CCEEL. Her expertise lies in climate change litigation, green transitions and international human rights law.