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How to operate safely in another market? How to reduce or avoid legal risks in the operations I carry out in other countries?

In your expansion process, whether by exporting or importing goods or by setting up a company in a market other than your own, it is vital to count on comprehensive legal advice. With our knowledge and experience, we will help you prevent and limit risks and/or legal problems that may interfere with the fulfilment of your goals.

International transactions are more complex than domestic transactions. For this reason, our international trade lawyers help clients maximize the opportunities and manage the challenges associated with the increasing regulation of international trade.

We won’t lie to you, the process is far from easy; but with a legal team like OBM Legal Consulting by your side, you will move forward safely and efficiently, and we guarantee you will save time and money.

OBM Legal Consulting’s practice extends to various markets in Europe, America and Asia. That is why we provide a wide range of services designed to adapt to the extensive regulation of global trade.

Our specialization includes advice on:
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