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Foreign trade and international commercial law specialists

Legal advice in a global and interconnected world

Legal advice in a global and interconnected world

OBM Legal Consulting comprises a team of professionals with well-founded experience in Corporate Law, Commercial Law and International Trade. Our services are specialised in providing knowledge and legal advice for our clients to innovate, invest and expand their markets in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. We place the utmost importance on the quality of our services, the success of the cases entrusted to us by our clients and the long-term relationships that are forged.

Why trust us?

At OBM Legal Consulting, the client lies at the heart of our strategy. Our working model is based on supporting your ambitions, identifying ways to achieve successful and innovative results, and executing jointly-agreed strategies. Our goal is that the quality of our services is worthy of your trust.

Our legal services

Every legal strategy should be comprehensive. Through our areas of specialization you will find answers and solutions to all your concerns.

International trade

How can you market your service or product?

Environmental law, Water & Energy

We know how to offer clients practical solutions to difficult legal issues on environment, water, and energy.

Corporate law

How can your company and assets be protected?

Contract law

Do the contracts reflect what has been negotiated verbally?

Public Private Partnership

PPP: how to develop or implement policies for sustainable development.

Our values


We furnish you with all the necessary information and an in-depth analysis of the alternatives to achieve your goals. Clarity and sincerity about the possibilities and options for success.


We get fully and comprehensively involved in your case, implementing a customized strategy.


We provide legal services and solutions based on the best cost-performance ratio, ensuring the maximum possible time savings.


We SERVE our clients
worldwide from the Netherlands and Spain.

OBM Legal Consulting is based in Madrid and Rotterdam. This physical presence in Spain and the Netherlands is an invaluable advantage for clients who choose to rely on our firm. We are proud to be an international and diverse team with combined experiences and backgrounds from Europe, and Latin America. In each office you will find local lawyers who are fully conversant with Dutch and Spanish law and who can work in Spanish, English and Dutch.


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